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Here at All Creatures Pet Services we don't just believe that your pet is family, we act like they're our own family. With trained staff that are ready to take care of your loved ones whenever you might need it, we believe that they are in exceptional hands with us every time you call. Our staff is dedicated to around-the-clock care. You can be assured that your home and pet are being taken care of by the best.

24 Hour Care

When you leave your pet in someone else's care it is important to make sure the pet feels comfortable and secure, our 24 Hour Care is tailored to your pet's needs and activity level. Please call for more details and information.

In Your Home Vacation Care

We know just how much you love your pet, and with us they'll be treated like family every time we come to visit with them. Even if it's just a short weekend trip, or a lengthy vacation, we will be keeping your pet comfortable and safe.

Walks/Potty Breaks

Does your puppy need an extra potty break while you are at work? Or are you unable to burn all that energy your energetic breed needs? Then schedule them an appointment for their own one-on-one walking time.

Medications/Waste Removal

With our team of licensed veterinary technicians you can be assured that any medication your pet might require will be administered with care. Waste Removal is also offered if a helping hand is needed to help keep your pet's area clean.


We started All Creatures Pet Services only a short five years ago and our mission and goal has been clear from the beginning: We want to take care of our customer's pets like they are our own, and that means coming to you and your home for more than just a 45-minute visit or to feed them. We routinely walk, play, and train your animal to make sure that they're not just getting love, but so they're also getting some well-deserved exercise.

We currently have a full team of licensed veterinary technicians, so you can even feel at ease when your baby might have some special needs. If you would like to get to know us better please call (702) 508 - 1900


"As a pet owner and animal lover myself, I seem to really only associate myself with other animal lovers. I've had the pleasure of knowing Lyndsy for almost a decade. I've been lucky enough to be around for some of her greatest achievements, and some of her rather challenging days. Lyndsy always shines and comes out on top with whatever she's trying to achieve. She is very inspiring for her perseverance, dedication, strength, and motivation she shows with each and every chapter of her life. She has had an extreme passion for animals since before I met her. As a teenager she worked with a local dog rescue I introduced her to. Who she still helps out with such generous and caring hands. Every day of her life has been focused on building her life to reach her dreams one day at a time. I can't think of a more responsible, companionate, knowledgeable person to be involved not only my pet’s lives but my children's lives as well. She has a background in the veterinary field which is quite a peace of mind when leaving my pets with her. With that; Lyndsy is who I put my trust whole heartily and rely on for the care of my pets when I cannot be there to care for my fur babies. She's helped my babies with potty breaks in the apartment living, mid-day medication schedule, or vacation days. Lyndsy definitely has a heart of Gold for any animal that she comes in contact with. Always helpful even if that means the help is coming from her own pocket, or other resources she has available. I know my pets are in the perfect hands while I'm away, I never have to worry. She's very dependable and on the punctual side unlike myself. She has the ability to take charge when needed and can be quite the problem solver with little to no guidance from others which allows her to work independently. She has a great deal of background in dog behavior so that comes in handy with the less affectionate, happy go lucky pups or ones with dog aggression. I can't say enough good words about Lyndsy! She's amazing! I'm proud of her and couldn't not imagine anyone else caring for my animals."

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Testimonial 2

"Lyndsy has been watching my pets for 3 years now and I can think of no one else I trust more with the lives of my furry friends. I'm a veterinarian and worked with Lyndsy when I first moved to Las Vegas. I was immediately impressed with her compassion for the animals and her acute observation skills. I have several pets with health issues, and I trusted Lyndsy implicitly to reliably give medications, watch my pets for signs of relapse of illness, and take action if my pets needed medical assistance. She's always willing to put in the extra effort and spend time with my pets when she comes to visit them. She knows and loves my animals, and was even there for me when I lost my 15 year old Border Collie last year. Lyndsy is entirely trustworthy, caring, and the only choice for caring for my pets."

"Lyndsy has been my pets sitter now for over four years. My pets are always in great condition when I return and so is my home. I would never use anyone else or even commercial pet hotels (which I have in the past). Much better service and my pets stay comfortable in their own home."

Testimonial 3

"We have known Lyndsy for over two years now. She has been a trusted and loving sitter for our pets. During our long trips I never felt worried even though I had a precious cat with diabetes that needed insulin. She was even there for us when we had to put our cat down. We love her and would recommend her to anyone that needs a sitter."


1/2 Hour - $19
$90 for 5 walks per week

Full Hour - $30
$140 for 5 walks per week

Each additional pet - $5


15 minutes - $15
$65 for 5 potty breaks per week

In Your Home Vacation Care

1-3 Creatures - 1 Visit - $40
Additional Visits - $10 each

3-6 Creatures - 1 Visit - $50
Additional Visits - $10 each

6+ Creatures
Please call for prices

Includes 45 minute visit, house keeping, waste removal, food and water change, and play time

1/2 hour walk - $10
1 hour walk - $15
$3 for every additional pet

- $5 per day


Starting at $80
7PM - 7AM


1 Dog
1 Visit a week - $40 per month
2 Visits a week - $75 per month

2 Dogs
1 Visit a week - $45 per month
2 Visits a week - $85 per month

3 Dogs
1 Visit a week - $50 per month
2 Visits a week - $95 per month

Kitty Waste Removal
Please call for details


Interested in our services but want to get to know us better? Please contact us to arrange
a 30 Minute Meet and Play so that your pets can meet and become comfortable with
us, and so that we can better learn their needs and day-to-day routine.


Taking care of pets in the Las Vegas, NV and surrounding area for 5 years.

All Creatures Pet Services in Las Vegas, NV

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